Watch Out For The Stick Up Kids, Flex The Antihero, Emerson Brooks & MMac


Whether you’re aware or not, Flex The Antihero is a leader of Toronto rap. His 2014 release of the SALEM LP not only set a precedent for the Smashmouth emcee as a solo act, (signifying a break from his role as an Antiheroes partner) but the album itself is a testament to Flex’s originality and bravery to stand alone sonically among the Toronto landscape.

No one sounds like him. No one looks like him. And he isn’t afraid to be honest or vulnerable. After years within the Canadian music industry, the newly articulated blending of sounds, genres and influences has finally garnered Flex the respect he deserves as a revered talent.

“Stick Up Kids” featuring Emerson Brooks with accompanying production by Emerson and Smashmouth’s MMac is Flex’s first single off of the upcoming re-release of the SALEM LP, which has promised four new songs. ¬†Listen for yourself and try to tell me I’m wrong about the antihero.



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