The Man Behind The SmashMouth Sound: M Mac & The Remix EP


Canadian-producer and SmashMouth Music Group in-house beat-machine, M Mac released his eight-track debut EP out into the E-streets earlier this month, in case you were sleeping. The Remix EP features brand new remixes from G-Side and ForteBowie, along with some of the best from SmashMouth – DillanPonders, Flex The Antihero, Jimmy B & SeT.

SmashMouth. You know the collective – the core crew of Toronto rap kids, permeating the Canadian hip-hop scene like a gang of musical misfits; The shadows of the city that pop up at every event, swapping stages, swapping features and swapping mics. The artists behind some of the best hip-hop music coming out of the country. I know you’ve been acquainted.

Behind the late nights and energetic shows, the team has always been known to work closely together musically. And with production from the likes of M Mac to thank, it is also that mutual support and loyalty to each other that makes their movement so infectious. “It’s very important to just be able to be fans of each other and I think that is something that gets lost. I don’t see that in too many other collectives. People are saying the screwface mentality is dying down. I’m not quite convinced, but if we don’t support each other, we don’t thrive. If I’m not coming to a show, it’s not really acceptable. Everybody talks about unity and then they skip out on crucial shows and stuff like that,” M Mac says.

Although more discreet than the rest, M Mac does his part for the rowdy collective by providing armfuls of production, having set up camp as one of the group’s in-house producers, (along with Tallboy, The Bass6, Tay Lewis and BatmanOnTheBeatz.) What makes him such an asset however, is the experimenting-producer’s unparalleled talent for evolving his sound to fit the skills of the crew’s drastically different artists. From gritty beats to trunk-rattling bangers, to drowning in the mellow-drama, M Mac’s beats evolve like shape-shifters in the Toronto night “All of my beats are so varied, because I can’t quite decide what to stick with right now. That’s sort of why my style is so all over the place,” he says.

So when it came time for the producer to release his own debut project, having helped provide a base for his peers to release theirs, M Mac chose to continue his path with a remix EP,  as a win-win for everyone. To others, he says, his remixes have gained recognition as his best work anyway, as the challenge provides him with workable concepts and lingering moods. “Back in the day, I used to do a lot of remixes and I’ve done remixes my whole life. A lot of people say my remixes are my best work, so I thought, maybe I’d get the most unique tracks from most of my friends making music and flip some of these songs that I normally wouldn’t touch, in a different way. With Beverly, from Allan Rayman, I definitely wanted to flip that, because it was so different, with the sort of funk and blues sound it had. I knew I could flip that on its head. And the same with Ponders, it was him rapping over a trance track and I knew I could flip that pretty easily,” he says.

Apart from releasing his debut project, M Mac was also recently named by CBC as one of Canada’s top 14 hip-hop producers and his accolades have begun to pay off. With a number of upcoming projects and placements in the works, it’s going to be a busy year for the man behind the SmashMouth boards.

Take in M Mac’s The Remix EP below

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