Toronto’s Price & Germany’s Ratobeatz Back In The Lab


How much do you really know about Toronto? Do you know its boroughs? Have you seen its streets?

International Soccer star and Toronto emcee Price, who hails from the Westside of the newly-acclaimed Six, has teamed up with German-producer Ratobeatz to introduce you to the streets that raised him on the grimey anthem “The Grove.” Never lacking lyrical content or story-telling relevance, Price’s presence will pull you deeper into his story of life in his Toronto borough before signing internationally and moving overseas.

With a beat full of live instrumentation, a trumpet introduction fit for king and a erie base guitar riff, RatoBeatz sets the mood for you to get acquainted with a borough on westside of the Six.

This year, the roaming artist has relocated away from The Grove, focusing his grind in Europe throughout the upcoming soccer season, while planning to shake up the independent hip-hop scene with his upcoming EP “The Departure,” set for release April 2015.

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