Mr. Wonderful Talks Mr. Wonderful: A Chat With Action Bronson


I’ll never forget the first time I saw Action Bronson perform. It was Canadian Music Week 2013 and I was sardined against the stage of Toronto’s Hoxton waiting for the overweight ginger rapper from Queens to take the stage. By 1:15am, it was rowdy and over-capacity as Bam Bam was supposed to have been on stage two hours ago. People were drunk, belligerent and claustrophobic.

As I leaned against the stage to prop myself up, I got smacked in the face with a full water bottle from the other side of the venue, as people began to whip things, smoke things and scream things to pass the time. But finally, Bronsolini emerged in all his bearded glory, throwing weed and full fledged stage-diving while rapping the best from Rare Chandeliers. It was one of the most legendary concert moments I had ever witnessed. The energy was unmatched.

Fast-forward through a Bronson show at NXNE, a tour with Danny Brown and a festival stop in Finland at the nordic country’s Flow Festival, Bronson has not only become a staple in my life as a rap show reporter, but one of the most charismatic people in music that I’ve ever had the chance to speak to.

Recently, thanks to Exclaim! Magazine, I was given a chance to interview the endearing rapper about his album Mr. Wonderful & a bunch of other random shit. I found out the first project he ever bought, his strangest celebrity encounter and what song we wants played at his funeral:


Whether by dropping genre-clashing mixtapes like the Blue Chips series, or performing power-bombing wrestling moves to concert-goers mid-performance, the eccentric MC has consistently maintained headline-worthy attention, while holding onto an unconventional place in the rap world that none has dared to tackle.

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