Post-Eviction Interviews With The Houseguests Of Big Brother Canada


Big Brother Canada is back with a third season & 16 new Canadian houseguests have officially entered the BBCan house to lie, cheat and steal for a chance to win 100K. There’s a rock climber, a beauty queen and a hemployee, along with more twists than ever before.

On behalf of the Toronto Sun, I will be interviewing each eliminated houseguest through the 10 week backstabbing dramafest until there’s only one left standing.

Day 7: Risha Denner

Day 14: Sindy With An S 

Day 15: Naeha Sareen

Day 21: Graig Merritt

Day 28: Johnny Colatruglio

Day 35: Jordan Parhar

Day 42: Sindy With An S 

Day 49: Kevin Martin

Day 56: Bruno Ielo

Day 63: Pilar Nemer & Zack Oleynik


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