From Simz To Gibbs – Sideways Festival Set The Season Off Right


Sun, sand and stages. For the first year ever, Sideways festival welcomed Helsinki’s eager and eccentric under the sun and into the sea breeze for a two-day musical getaway. But among a heavy line-up of legendary UK rock bands, Swedish singers and Finnish musicians, hip-hop made the most lasting impression.

Little Simz


The Pharcyde


Freddie Gibbs


Earl Sweatshirt


José González


Dizzee Rascal 



Standout Moments:

  • The Dim Sum food vendor. Every festival should have dim sum moving forward.
  • One of the first perfectly warm and sunny weekends of the year presented a flawless medium for summer-thirsty festival-goers to rid themselves of any lingering memories of the frigid Nordic winter and welcome the sun that never sets.
  • An 18+ festival meant carrying around bottles of liquor from one of the many stages to the other was not only accepted but expected.
  • Other than the very lit fact that Freddie Gibbs performed “Pronto” back-to-back, his set highlight came when he exclusively performed never before heard music. A1 production, street lyricism and Freddie Kane energy.
  • Earl Sweatshirt also showcased new unreleased material that was surprisingly trap-infused and more upbeat than his previous work, which prompted the young crowd to mosh in approval. He also performed I Don’t Like Shit, I Don’t Go Outside with a personal laid-back charm.
  • Azealia Banks had cancelled her set earlier last week due to her filming obligations as she partakes in the making of RZA’s upcoming movie, “Coco.” It was UK legend Dizzee Rascal who claimed the headliner slot instead and took the title seriously, by delivering an incredible round of hits after hits like “Fix Up Look Sharp,” and “I Don’t Need A Reason,” closing off the weekend with a party, rather than a regular set.
  • Little Simz’s manager Eddie handed out a bottle of Hennessy the crowd, who each took a sip and passed it along. Young Simbi’s set alone was a standout moment worthy of the ticket price in itself. Don’t sleep on Simz.

    Pour up. share the love till we drunk. #Helsinki

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