Rain and Shine at Provinssi Festival


The mob at Provinssi Festival in Seinäjoki Finland was 79,000 people strong as the rowdy crowd braved the rain and shine to take in four days of the diverse line-up that included Calvin Harris, Muse, Big Sean and Deadmau5.

Despite turning the festival grounds into a mud pit from hell, the rain and clouds retreated on Friday, allowing for hip-hop to shine. Joey Bada$$ continued his World Domination tour during the festival stop, Big Sean unleashed his GOOD Music hits, that included a barrage of tracks from Dark Sky Paradise, while Tyga turned the Pink Tent into a ratchet’s dream, while premiering some of The Gold Album live to a packed crowd so intoxicated, they’ll probably never remember being there.

Overall, Provinssi Festival is a hidden gem of an experience that I’d rate 3 and a half mud-soaked festival shoes out of five.

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Muse muse

Calvin Harrisch2ch1

Mirel Wagnermw1mw2


Young Fathersyoungfathersyf2

Joey Bada$$joeybadassjb

Big Sean






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