Big Sean Says There’s Something New Brewing Inside Him

big sean

Big Sean is in no rush, that much is clear. From the moment I pass by his security, I’m greeted by a casual and comfortable energy that hovers around the G.O.O.D. Music rapper like a Zen bubble as we take a seat across from each other at the table in his backstage trailer.

Despite a demanding tour schedule that’s propelled the Detroit rapper around Europe recently, presenting his Dark Sky Paradise tour throughout a string of sold-out shows and crowded festivals, Sean takes his time with each motion. His detailed and attentive actions advance past just his devotion to the interview questions he’s asked and the genuine responses he offers our conversations but the mentality also directs itself towards the personal and professional resolutions the rapper is currently focused on making in his life and career.

Three albums in and it’s been a patient progression for Sean Don. Although his stock has been on a steady incline as of lately, he’s admittedly more focused on his individual expansion, while learning from past mistakes he’s made thus far. It’s a maturity that’s come with experience and time.

The security that’s manning the trailer door checks his watch to see if we’ve gone over the stretch I’ve been allotted. But Big Sean is in no rush.


Full interview can be found published by The 405 here or listen below.

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