Foxes Gets Personal About Her New Music


I’m greeted with an enormous smile on a petite frame as Foxes welcomes me into her spacious trailer backstage Provinssi Festival in Seinäjoki, Finland where we crash on the hideous old sofa inside like long-time friends, laughing about the rainy weather and what festival season has done to our footwear. Foxes is giddy off festival vibes and pre-performance vigour, as she’s just about to hit to stage to perform her energetic pop-infused set, which includes her recently-released single ‘Body Talk’ off her upcoming sophomore album, slated to drop later this year.

Heartbreak has been the catalyst behind the new music that’s served as an outlet for the UK pop siren’s emotional release, although that was never the plan. Her recent therapeutic endeavor marks a new creative path for the singer, who’s come out on the other side of the emotional raincloud with her head held high and an album she’s proud of.


Full interview posted on The 405 here or listen below.

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