G-Eazy Gives Insight On His Upcoming Album


Type in “The Rise of the Villain” in the search bar anywhere on any social media site and you’ll see the hordes of young rap fans tweeting, ‘gramming and posting at G-Eazy with admiration and excitement in anticipation of his sophomore album, previously teased for distribution later this year.

The album is near completion and approaching its release this fall, according to the Bay area rapper, but as a curveball for those in his mentions that think they know exactly what they’ll be getting from Young Gerald on his latest work, imagine their surprise when they find out that not even the title they’re expecting is accurate. G-Eazy has a lot planned.

It’s scorching hot on Ruissalo Island when G-Eazy pulls up in a white van behind the Louna stage at Ruisrock Festival before his closing day show, his set list packed with tracks from his breakout album These Things Happen. In shades and a white tee, with his James Dean-esque hair slicked back, he grabs a drink and politely greets everyone in the area as his lanky frame saunters towards his trailer in Yeezy Boosts where he casually sits. He’s ready to talk about the new music, he’s ready to perform it and he’s ready to give those rap fans the album worth their wait.


You can find the full interview published by The 405 here or listen below.

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